Organic rice is rice that is certified by an independent body to have been grown and processed according to set “organic” standards.

  • Everybody is healthier and safe from chemicals.
  • It helps to reduce sickness and expenses for medical care or health care.
  • Organic farming is eco-friendly.
  • Farmers have a better life with better health and better income.

  • Time
  • To do organic rice farming, it takes 3-4 years to improve and fertilize the soil or adjust the soil condition which has been destroyed for a long time by chemical fertilizer and insecticide.

  • Productivity
  • In the beginning of doing an organic farm, the productivity is normally 20-30% less than a chemical farming

  • Frequency
  • The most popular rice in the northeast of Thailand is 105 Fragrant rice (Thai Hommali rice) which can be cropped only once a year.

  • Additional cost
  • Since the soil has been destroyed and lack of fertility, it needs more organic fertilizer. After harvesting, it is necessary to plant plants fertilizing the soil, such as, sword bean (Canavalia gladiate), sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea), green bean and etc. and to plow, including plowing paddy stubbles for biodegrading paddy stubbles to fertilizer.

  • Certification
  • To ensure consumers, manufacturers have to spend a lot of money for certification of each organization like EU, USDA & NOP and etc.

  • Safety and quality
  • Organic rice consumers are safe from contaminants and are healthy, farmers or manufacturers must practice auditors’ or customers’ regulations; for example, using certified organic fertilizer only.
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