Pan Long John Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 to support footwear industry in Pan Group, one of the largest industries of Saha Group while we are the largest group of footwear manufacturing base in Thailand with over 30 years of footwear expertise and with production capacity of 2 million pairs per month. The company has been providing not only products but also services to facilitate and meet customer needs.

Pan Long John has established a connection and has been developing a manufacturing network of textile, manmade leather, touch fastener and accessories to support the footwear industry and others inside and outside the country. We are material vendor of Nike and other brands for footwear textiles such as Reebok, K-Swiss, Timberland, La Coste, Geox, Payless, Scholl, Mark & Spencer, Lecoq Sportif, No Name, Bloch, Dockers, Fred Perry, Lescon, Saucony, Hush Puppies, Diadora, Kappa, Pan, Hobby, Kito, Adda, SCS, P.S. Junior, FBT, Bata, Grand Sport, Simon, J-Shoe, Gold City. The company has been expanding its customer base to non-footwear industries like garment, furniture, car seat and accessories, bag, baby carrier, hat, and etc.

The company is a one-stop service center of material supplies. Our roles are:

  • Developer - The company has textile developers to innovate products and to take care of technical support for product modification and problem solving.
  • Sourcing agent - The company has both a local and overseas network of suppliers to provide quality products and services.
  • Lab and QC Inspector - The company has implemented a laboratory with various kinds of testing gauges and equipments which are accepted by world-class brand name customers. Our lab meets global standards and accredited by Nike representative twice a year in order to ensure our equipment, people and product are audited and considerably qualified to meet world class requirements.

Further to material supply business we started to survey the safety shoe market and develop our own safety footwear in 2008, fully equipped, Pan Long John has become to produce its own designed and functional safety shoes “Rhino Safefoot” to serve people who wants superior quality of protection and comfort in the beginning of 2009. The company aims to be a leader in this market, focused on "Premium Quality". This includes "Quality of Safety", "Quality of Design" and "Quality of Comfort".

We became an agent of very reliable Japan-made fall protection devices (JIS M 7624) “TITAN” in 2009. We aim to develop better and better safety products in order to meet a variety of customers’ applications as well as to extend more and more quality product lines to maximize our customers’ needs.


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